A website is a window display of your business. A first impression is essential in which a website should offer products and services, and load quickly.

Your website should provide information about your business, products and services. Visitor's are looking for ways in which your website can be useful.

Leer Digital Design is Tableless Designs, Website Development, Registration, Hosting, Validation, Maintenance, Professional Imaging, and more.



  Leer Digital Design

Leer Digital Design is in the business of making an Internet presence work for you. If your current website has low traffic and having problems with people finding you as a result of a website tonight program, or if you are considering a new site or website makeover, then we have the answers that you have been looking for to make it happen.

  Internet Business

Our focus is custom business card website designs for small business owners, or a personal website for products and services. We incorporate website development tutorials for optimizing website performance. Websites we write benefit with information about the services we provide that are written into the pages for search engine optimization.

  Premier Services

Leer Digital Design offers Website Designs, Website Development, Unique Maintenance Packages, Professional Imaging Standards, Search Engine Submission, Validated Web Pages, Cascading Style Sheets, Webmaster Resources, Special Characters, and Unique Font Styles for every site we write. We take pride in our work as if it was our own.


Customer Service  Customer Service

There are many reasons why your business should have a website. Websites are better than conventional advertisement, as money can be saved on advertising expenses, and we can dramatically improve the level of customer service. The Internet can provide more than printed advertising, and has the big advantage of being dynamic, which can be changed or updated at any time. Changing conventional advertisements are costly, or you can be stuck with your print media ad for the remainder of your contract.


In today's world, the Internet is one of the most valuable tools for business, and we are in the business to make an Internet presence for personal or small business work for you. We will get you registered, get you hosted, and get your site online. We have website designs tailor made for your business and reflect your services within the pages, which will make your website unique to you, and the services offered to your clients. Leer Digital Design designs websites for selected clients in validated xhtml pages and style sheets for excellent presentational style and data content of the services your business provides. Without a doubt, your level of customer service will improve.


Website Communications  Website Communications

A website can reduce office work by using email, PDF, and mailed forms available on websites saving you time and money. Frequently asked questions can be answered eliminating wasted time spent on phone calls. Email is a convenient communication tool that visitors and customers can contact you. You can improve customer service by providing customers the information they need right at their fingertips, 24 hours a day without leaving their house. Websites are powerful marketing, advertising, and communication tools.

Website Packages

Website Packages  Website Packages

Leer Digital Design website packages will have everything needed to have a fully operational web crawler friendly, search engine optimized website. This includes validated xhtml pages, custom banner, graphic enhancements, cascading style sheet, assorted font styles and colors, custom design features, a basic email text script for contacting you, and more.

Validation Services

Validation Services  Validation Services

Validation is a matter of pride and it shows visitors the time has been taken for a well written website. A validated, optimized, and organized website will help find more customers, retain existing ones, showcase goods and services, and most importantly give a website the credibility and exposure it needs to succeed with being recognized by the different browsers and web crawlers.

Web Hosting

  Web Hosting

Leer Digital Design is a full service hosting provider, in process of two United States based Apache Servers, with reputable companies, technicians available 24/7, and an uptime of 99.9% or better. With your website files at two servers, backups are ready at a moments notice. We also ensure that you have the necessary space and bandwidth per your requirements.