Website Design  Website Design

A business website should provide information about your business, products and services and should offer information, also advice, helpful tips, a source for contacting you, similar interest groups, and informative out links. Your visitors are looking for ways in which your site can be useful. The graphical design of a website is crucial. We write traditional type designs, custom made designs, and non-banner designs for a stylistic looking website. Website illustrations, graphics, different font styles and colors are designed around your business.




Design Approach  Design Approach

  • We visit your business to get a feel for colors and atmosphere.
  • We discuss design options with you and your ideas for themes.
  • We present web templates based on ideas, themes, and colors.
  • Templates are viewed online by you for a template of your choice.
  • We have professional photographers available for imaging work.


Once a template design has been decided based on colors, theme, and your ideas mixed with ours, then your website can begin the building stages. The textual content is of importance during this time period, as it will reflect the nature of your business and the products and services offered to your business clients. Your input and our own research with your competitive companies, is the key for positive and accurate textual content.

Template Design  Template Design

Our graphic element will help present the main idea of your site. We choose a website template design that is a good reference point for your product, with style and design. Special fonts within images can be a strong visual harmony with the other elements of a good website template design. Navigation on your website will be consistent throughout the entire site.


Many websites offer free website templates similar to the ones you see here from or High end templates can cost around $50 USD and up. Custom templates can run into the hundreds, then you do everything else. There are drawbacks to this if you are trying to do a website by yourself.


We design web pages in validated XHTML and CSS 2.1 scripting, which meets W3C standards of excellence.


Business Resources  Business Resources