Graphics a& Imaging  Graphics & Imaging

Leer Digital Design considers imaging a priority. We have single layer or multi layers images, logos, and banners. We use many types of software like Adobe Photoshop Professional, Microsoft GIF Animator, and more. While websites do not have to be dull, they don't have to be overwhelming either. There is nothing wrong with color graphics, however looped animations tend to look like the animated GIFs we all know and hate, which we try to avoid.

•   We use high quality images, and high tech displays. For a demonstration click here.


Graphics & Media  Graphics & Media

Graphics should be consistent with the content on your pages, as it would seem odd to have images of tools on a Real Estate website, or music on Craigslist. Proper graphics will enhance the appearance of your web pages and capture the attention of your visitors for return visits.


Graphic Evolution  Graphic Evolution

As websites evolve, so can the imaging work for them. Templates are made for each individual site, and as time goes on, ideas can change as what to have on a website. We can take your ideas and make them a reality through imaging. We have logo images, and many font styles, that are available for use on your website. Fonts and graphic illustrations are virtually endless.


Navigation with Fonts  Navigation with Fonts

Unlike television, the World Wide Web is an interactive medium. Visitors need to understand the purpose of your website and how to navigate it. Clutter and complex structures can be counter productive for the average surfer. Flash is great to create a simple compelling navigational system, but it can add confusion for visitors. Text links and buttons should be similar in style and location. We don't confuse your visitors with chaotic buttons and confusing text links.


Leer Digital Design writes and designs all our web pages in W3C validated XHTML and CSS 2.1 scripting, which meets W3C standards of excellence for WordPress tableless designs.

Font Styles and Colors  Font Styles and Colors

People read a text from top left down to bottom right. The choice of colors is significant since different colors provoke different feelings and influence choices.



The warm colors like orange and red stimulate the senses. Blue and green have the opposite effect. We select colors for the emotions a website will display. We divide text in columns to make it simpler and faster to read, and choose fonts that are available on all computers and easy to read with size and colors.


Business Resources  Business Resources