Website Validation  Website Validation

A professional, optimized, and well organized website will help find more customers, retain your existing customers, showcase your goods and services, and most importantly give your website the credibility and exposure it needs to succeed. In getting your website to succeed with search engines, the pages need to be recognized by the different browsers and web crawlers.


Internet Standards  Internet Standards

According to W3C standards, each document requires a document type declaration. Page validation is a matter of pride in your work and it tells visitors that you have taken the time to have a well written website. Document declarations gives information for browsers support and compatibility with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, and others.


W3C Standards of Excellence  W3C Standards of Excellence

On our pages is an icon from W3C. This shows our visitors that Leer Digital Design has taken the time to write validated pages without any scripting errors. We proudly display this symbol of excellence. By clicking the "XHTML" link, a new page will open up taking you to W3C Consortium where you can get validation results for Leer Digital Design as a validated xhtml document and for the websites we write. We have found that if we write web pages correctly the first time around with validation, it will save countless hours with corrections later on.


Document Declarations  Document Declarations

XHTML 1.0 transitional includes all elements and attributes of XHTML 4 strict but adds presentational attributes, deprecated elements, and recognizes the relatively poor browser support for style sheets, allowing XHTML presentations to be more accepted. XHTML and CSS 2.1 is the language that Leer Digital uses to design and write our pages as it is cross browser compatible, structurally rich presentational features, and supports style sheets.


Leer Digital Design writes and designs all our web pages in W3C validated XHTML and CSS 2.1 scripting, which meets W3C standards of excellence for WordPress tableless designs.

Case in Point  Case in Point

While many designer sites I have visited recently, ensured their clients that pages would be validated for errors, however their own site had many, with missing document titles, incorrect page titles, no meta tags, and alternate text scripts missing from their images. No big deal I guess? Or is it?


Website Validation


Everybody remember Windows98™ when it would crash out? Those little gray boxes telling us there were errors on web pages, and then the dreaded blue screen? Melt down time! That was Windows™ way of telling us the errors we acquired online had reached its maximum limit.


Validation is an important factor in design. Top developers know validated websites will be visited more often by web crawlers, than sites that are poorly written.